Monday, April 13, 2009


Did you ever have a dream and wonder what it might mean? They say if you have nightmares of being chased that you are insecure, feel guilty or fearful. Another is, if you dream of falling it's because you have anxiety issues. Usually, if I dream it is in the form of a nightmare so I don't try to analyze it very much. When I do dream I tend to forget them not long after waking. This is generally true for most people. However, there is one dream I remember that I would like to tell you about. It happened about 2 years ago...

The first thing I noticed, in my dream, was that I was standing at the foot of a really tall ladder. Looking up, it seemed to go on forever. I never did see where it ended. While standing gazing up the ladder I noticed lots of small children coming down. Before I knew it, there were kids all over, running up and down the ladder and all around my legs. They were small children and they were all laughing and giggling like little kids do. I remember one little girl smiling at me and then running up the ladder. While I was watching her I noticed an adult coming down the ladder. They had on a long white robe with a sash around the waist. When they reached the bottom they turned and standing before me was Jesus. Of course I don't know what He looks like, but in my dream He looked like all the pictures you see that portray Him. He just stood and smiled at me and held out His hand. I didn't take His hand, I just stood there. He never said anything, but the children all ran to Him and stood looking up. Then He started talking to them and patting their heads. Some of them He hugged. One by one He placed them on the ladder and they all starting running back up, disappearing into the clouds. After He helped the last child He turned back to me. He held out His hand one more time and said, "Come on, I'll help you." I just looked at Him but never took His hand. Then I woke up.

At that time I was not a Christian. I wasn't even sure what to make of a dream like that. It was rare when I had a good, peaceful dream. While lying in bed thinking about it, all that came to mind was that Jesus was giving me a chance to accept Him and I chose not too. Since becoming a Christian what I think it meant was...He was just letting me know that He was there for me. If I would accept Him He would help me. I think all the kids were there to show me that even as a child He was with me. That He always loved me and took care of me even when I didn't think that He did.

While growing up there was a song we always sang in Sunday School...Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. Think about that song for a minute, Jesus Loves Me! WOW!! No matter what...through all of our weaknesses...Jesus loves us! Whether we are small and weak or all grown up and strong...Jesus loves us! We know that, because His Word tells us He does. Even when we don't feel it...He does. All that we have to do is reach out and take His hand. He will help us. No matter what kind of lies satan tells you...don't believe him. JESUS LOVES YOU! Even if you don't feel anything. I know what it is to not feel. But...if you will hang in there, you will eventually feel something. It might not be anything big, will feel His love. Just run to Jesus like a child and He will take care of you.

Matthew 19:14 (New Century Version)

14 but Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me. Don't stop them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people who are like these children."

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Chase Warren said...

Personally I find dreams fascinating! Although I do not consider myself an interpreter nor a person of visions I like to try and use a spiritual application when they come by, and yes the nightmares are the worst! From those I tend to ask myself why did I choose fear over trust...Nice post =)