Friday, February 6, 2009


I haven't written about my past for a few posts now. It seems that God was having me write some different things. I've been trying to figure out why but as usual I don't have a clue. He keeps bringing this one event in my life to memory the last couple of weeks and I think I'm supposed to write about it. I'm not sure where this is going to lead so I guess we will find out together.

During my high school years my friend and I decided to have a party at her house. Her parents were gone so we went and bought a bottle of gin,a bottle of vodka and some mixers and settled in for a good night. We smoked a couple of joints and decided to call some friends. It was going to be hours before they showed up so we started drinking. We were getting a little wasted with everything we had so we weren't thinking real well. We decided to have a smoking contest, along with everything else, and chain smoked a pack of cigarettes+ a piece. It was getting late and other people from school started showing up. They all brought whatever they had and before long people were passed out everywhere. I woke up at some point in the early morning hours not feeling too good. Imagine that!! It was winter and raining like crazy. Apparently, I didn't care because I went outside anyway. I remember sitting down out on the lawn and next thing I knew I was waking up drenched from the rain. Well...I thought I got up and went in the house but, I didn't. My friend lived on a gravel road with about six more houses on it. They all had to drive by her house to get to the main street. It was just a one lane road with no lights and lots of trees. Really, I was quite lucky I survived the night. I was so wasted I didn't know what I was doing. When I got up the first time I thought I was going to the house time I came to I found myself lying on the edge of the road with my head and shoulders in the tire path. I kept passing out but finally managed to get up. Actually, (and it's amazing I remember this), it was more like I crawled off the road and back over in front of the house. As I was doing that a car came whizzing up the road right where I had been laying. Had I not moved when I did...well you probably wouldn't be suffering through this blog.

The reason I think I wrote this is for a reminder to any one reading this that is a Christian. Basically God just wants me to tell you to not give up praying for family and friends. I would imagine that even though my parents didn't know that I drank and did drugs they were still praying for me. I believe it was their prayers, and the prayers of other Christians that knew me, that kept me from being killed or injured. You just have to continue to pray, for all the people you care about, that God will take care of them until they give their lives to Him. Sometimes when you're involved in those things you are looking for a way out. If people don't continue to pray for you that escape may never come. I believe it's only by the grace of God, through prayers of Christians, that you do get out. So...don't ever stop praying. It might not even be that they are doing these kinds of things. They just might not be living for the Lord. Whatever the case...continue to pray. God hears the prayers of Believers. No one can find eternal life without finding Jesus. You don't know what kind of a difference your prayers can make in someones life.

James 5:16b
The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

John 9: 31
Now we know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is a worshiper of God and does His will, He hears Him.

John 14:6
I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.

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