Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Come To Me

He is there
Even when every thought
even when all you feel
is just a jumbled up mess
He is still there
Waiting for you
for you to come
Waiting for you
to just get over it
What is messy inside
and it is because you
allow it
He is here
In your world
beside you
Reaching out to you
with holes in His hands
He is with you
Through it all
He is still here
still waiting
still reaching
His arms open wide
will hold you
your Lord
I will hold you
Help you to figure it out
The mess inside
the jumbled up mess
All the thoughts
the feelings
I your Lord
am with you
and I will be
until the end
Come to Me
for you are weak
Come to Me
so I can carry you
Come to Me
and rest

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