Saturday, June 23, 2012

HE Made Today For You!

Psalm 118:24

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Do you go to bed sometimes just feeling that tomorrow is going to be better? I do because most of the time sleep and rest helps. Your circumstances don't always change but your heart and thoughts do. Many people, when talking about how they are feeling say...Well, under the circumstances. I had a Pastor when I was a kid that always said this in response to them. "Are you a Christian? Do you believe that God can do anything? If you do then WHY? are you living "under" the circumstances?!" I have always remembered that and think about it whenever someone says it. But, I have to be honest, before I was a Christian I thought it was a dumb thing to say. My thoughts were that you don't "choose" to live under just happens! Now that I have been a Christian for a while I know that you do "choose" to be under them. happens but how we handle it is entirely up to us. We can "choose" to be angry about what's happening...get so far down we eventually get depressed...worry until we are sick...and sometimes "choose" to just give up for good. Even though I'm a Christian I've done them all...except the giving up for good. I won't lie...that too has crossed my mind in the past, and very recently. But, I realized that quitting doesn't change anything. Problems don't just go away and people don't just go away. You can't just walk away from everything that is good (GOD) because you don't know how to handle things in your life. You have to choose...

Everyday when you go to bed you have to remember that tomorrow you get a "new" 24! A brand new day...24 live! As I said before...when you get up, your circumstances may not be gone...but it's a brand new day! A new day that the LORD has made! And who has HE made it for? For us...You and Me! We are living in the day the LORD has made! are alive to hear the birds singing...see the sun love your family and brighten the day of someone that may need it more than you do! Give the ones you love a hug...even if it's a ((((cyber hug))))! In some way...let them know you love them. Be thankful for all that you have because you really don't know what tomorrow holds. None of us do.


This is the day the LORD has made. Make the best of it because this day will never be here again.

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Sarah (Nikki) said...'re the best...and so totally encouraging. Thanks for this awesome encouraging post and your comment to me. sending you cyber hugs....and a wish that you have an awesome weekend.

Anonymous said...

Life is full of choices. We can choose to let life control us or we can let God have control. Cyber hugs to you Chelle!

Denise said...

Great post Chelle! :)

God longs for us to “live in the moment” walking with Him just the way He wants, and we should fill up today with every opportunity He places before us!

Blessings for a great new day!

Jedidja said...

Thank you Chelle. This blog you have written for me :-)

Tracy said...

Hi Chelle - God's mercies are new every morning, Amen. Cyber hugs to you my friend

Desiray said...

hello Chelle how are you my dear...this post you have is good. As I was reading it I also thought about how we should never bring our yesterday's into our tomorrows for it will only make us become worried about how things will turn out...

Hope you are having a great day