Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cry Out To The Savior

Have you cried out to the Savior
to come meet you now
Asked Him to help you
fill you up somehow

Do you think it is possible
think that He cares
Can He help you to find it
the love that He shares

Remember the time
so long ago
You knew He was Master
the lover of your soul

It all seems so distant
so very far away
You know that He loves you
OH why do you stray

Because it keeps happening
life won't give it a rest
You let it attack you
and you hope for the best

How do you capture
the way that it was
Find your way back
to a life filled with love

You think it's a mystery
hidden away
You need Jesus to help you
to come find your way

Buried deep inside
you know that He's there
That nothing has changed
you're still in His care

Then why do you wonder
sit and stare at the wall
Hoping for answers
so you don't take that fall

Just cry out to the Savior
to come meet you now
Ask Him to help you
fill you up somehow


Sarah (Nikki) said...

So true...And He always comes through.....He is the best. Hope your Friday is awesome.

Child of God said...

Hi Chelle,
When I am feeling so alone and very sad, when I can't even feel God's presence it is then that I know, in my heart, that God is carrying me and all I have to do is be still and know He is there.

Blessings hon,

Cherie Hill said...

Incredible poetry, unbelievably blessed by your powerful words. SO glad you got a copy of JOY!
Many blessings to you!!!

Shannon Milholland said...

Chelle, there was a dark period when I wandered from the faith. That distance nearly crushed my soul. Intimacy with Him is life-giving and sustaining. Beautiful poetry!