Monday, March 14, 2011

cry for release

what do you think about
what do you say
when nothing is different
when it won't go away

you sit and you stare
you rock in your chair
your head in your hands
you cry in despair

it all seems the same
it never does change
it's right on the edge
it's calling your name

what you cry out
what did you say
why are you here
why don't you go away

it's all in your mind
it's all in your thoughts
it's just in your head
it's not in your heart

cry out for help
cry out for peace
cry out to God
cry for release

it's all you can do
it's all that you know
it's all that will help
it's where you can go

He'll take all your hurt
He'll take all your pain
He'll help you get through
He'll hear you again

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